Fantastic POP Book

WOOOW How Fantastic¬† book we had, this is the first time we had this book, Really good exercise for our brain, we can read the story and we can also imagine the story through this book… Thank you so much Daniel and Mom for gave us this book ūüôā  

Dancing Class

We invite you to visit our center Taman Permata Hati РBali Orphan Day Center РPusat Pelatihan Yatim Piatu at Nyuh Kuning Village Every Wednesday and Friday at 2 to 4 pm you can watch them dancing and we allow you to join the dancing class See you soon!!!!

Mr Peter Little

Mr Peter Little is our SUPER Father for us at Taman Permata Hati Bali Orpphan Day Center  We had a great time at our lovely center the children cooked special Indonesian food and special cake for him Thank you Bapak thank you for everything 

Fun activities

Sometime they are learning sometime they are teaching Fun activities at Taman Permata Hati Bali Orphan Day Center  Teaching sometime easy easy difficult!! Cooking class, dancing class and angklung class with children of Taman Permata Hati Bali Orphan Day Center!