A Message from the Centre Manager

Desak Nyoman Ayu Ramayani – you can call me Mama Ayu


I am a Manager of Taman Permata Hati (AKA the Bali Orphan Day Centre) and also a Mom to a hundred orphaned children.

In 2013 I returned back to Bali from Istanbul on extended annual leave because my son needed my support as he was being looked after by my parents while I worked abroad. Naturally, he was missing his Mum.

His name is Agung, He was 12 years old at that time. During my vacation I met Mr. Kadek Suambara the founder of this orphan centre and he asked me to consider a position as Manager this centre.

I came to this beautiful centre and my first sight was a very nice kitchen inside the centre. He gave me total responsibility to manage the centre with my programs.

The first program I initiated was teaching the children English because with English they can go everywhere. And also because my hobby is cooking I started teaching them very easy cooking skills and everyone was happy with my first programs.

They were already very talented in dancing and drawing. 

In my first 2 months of managing the orphan centre I was became happy and loved helping them especially in finding them permanent sponsors to support their schooling. But most importantly, I was close with my son everyday. In the 3½ years that we were separated a lot of things were missing…. he did not have any skills in his life, he could not speak English at all and also he could not play music but he loved hitting everything such as a table or my back. I found his talent in playing drums so he started to learn how to play and he started to learn English with me.

In May 2013 I decided to live in Bali and committed my life to take care of my son and also all the children of Taman Permata Hati – Bali Orphan Day Centre.

Here I have found a lot of love and happiness. All the kids are my inspiration and all our sponsors and visitors are my supporters.

End of year 2013 they started to learn music and in 2014 we had a lot of musical instruments donated by our lovely visitors. On 19 February 2014 we had a group of children in the band and we called them The Ambar Band. “AMBAR” means stars – I want them to become super stars. Initially, the band members were Agus Murdika as a bassist, Novi and Indita as vocalists, Dewi played keyboard, Agung my son as a drummer and Ngurah as a melodiest. We performed for the first time for the 7th anniversary of Taman Permata Hati.

On April 2014 we had new member his name is Apriana and he played rhythm guitar. We then performed at an art festival for our 2nd  performance and since that time they play everywhere; at the cafe, hotel, restaurants, wedding party, birthday party and Christmas and New Year’s Parties.

In October  2014 Agus Murdika decided to work overseas so Dewa Pandita replaced him as our new bassist until now.

In 2015 they started to participate in various band competitions and in 2016 they won the competition as 1st prize winners!! I feel very blessed that we can make their life more colorful.

In the same year 2015 we received other instruments such as Angklung, drum box, jembe, tambourine, maracas and ukulele. We made another group of musicians which is known as The Ambar Angklung and The Ambar Orchestra.

Since we have music instruments our children love very much to come to the centre. They play music and sing a song together.

In the beginning of the year 2016 The Ambar Band recorded music at a recording studio in Denpasar. As a result, some of the TV stations came to our centre to see our activities such as Dewata TV and Bali TV which was then broadcasted to the nation.

I love to see their life look like an artist and actors.

I am a very proud mom. They are not only able to dance and play music, but they all very clever at school with some of them always making it in the best 5 students of the school. If they would like to introduce them self they will say ” I am a student, I am a guitarist, I am a painter, I am a dancer, I am a chef and I am a silversmith too. 

At the center we tried to provide them food, milk, snacks, tea, fruits and also taking good care of their health and their teeth. 

I have also organised our dancers to perform at hotels, cafes and the art festivals. Their life is now a happier one with no more sadness and no more depression.

Music and dance has brought them happiness and joy always. 

This is my dedication and legacy to see the successes of the children of Taman Permata Hati.

A big thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers and drop-in visitors! We love you!