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Kadek Suambara Bali Orphan Centre Founder

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Bali Orphan Center - Taman Permata Hati Founder

Taman Permata Hati - Bali Orphan Centre is a non profit organization founded by Kadek Suambara a young Balinese man in Nyuh Kuning Village near Ubud Bali.

Kadek Suambara is a wise leader, gifted teacher and loving healer whose deep presence and clarity of mind has made him, at the age of 26, the youngest person in Balinese history ever to be elected as spiritual leader of his village. His wisdom and inner balance have grounding effect on all those around him. And his brilliant smile will open wash your heart anew.

Kadek Suambara comes from 7 generations of village priests and has been practicing Meditation since 9 years of age. Over the years, he has been drawn to study of mysticism and helping Balinese orphans create a better future through education. In 1995, he founded Taman Permata Hati - Bali Orphan Centre in Ubud-Bali-Indonesia, that specializes in helping Bali orphans create their better future & education.

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Proses belajar mengajar bukan mengisi botol kosong, tapi menyalakan api yang ada dalam hati agar lebih bersemangat mencari ilmu. Dengan cara seperti ini, maka akan lahir generasi berbakat yang kreatif, inovatif, kritis dan produktif. (AntarinaSfAmir, 2006)

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Taman Permata Hati
Bali Orphan Center

Address: Jl. Raya Nyuh Kuning No: 9, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia 80571. Phone/Faximile: 62-361-971231

A Bali Orphan Foundation: orphans training center, together helping Bali orphans education for better future.